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Dec 22, 2022david DeMember
Shiftwave solider recovery in Ukraine - Shiftwave

In 2022, Shiftwave traveled to Ukraine three times to help those who need it most, bringing both healing and relief to people in crisis.

At a hospital in Lviv, we worked with psychiatrists and soldiers, some of whom had lost limbs, to offer respite from the pain and trauma of war.

See Shiftwave's powerful effect. 

We took Shiftwave to railway staff and volunteer drivers, many who had played a key role in evacuating the vulnerable when war first broke out.  Each time, we left Shiftwave systems behind in capable Ukrainian hands, our donations working long after we had returned home. While we have helped as many as we could, many more would benefit from the psychological and physiological relief Shiftwave provides. 

Our work there has only just begun. Now, Operation White Stork and Shiftwave have partnered to extend and expand this effort.

We’re asking for your help.

Please support with any donation you can give, and please share this page with as many people as possible.

Visit our partners at White Stork to support the mission.

Thank you!


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Dec 22, 20220 commentsdavid DeMember