Breakthrough Nervous System Training Technology

The Shiftwave System

Shiftwave is a breakthrough, Nervous System Strength Training technology delivering physical and mental restoration at the press of a button. Shiftwave applies pulsed pressure waves to the body, restoring users to optimal readiness, rebalancing the nervous systems, and reducing pain.

Pulsed Pressure Waves

Shiftwave employs complex, powerful, and enjoyable pulsed pressure waves applied along the body to rapidly shift the state of body and mind.

Assisted Journeys

Based on billions of data points, Shiftwave journeys use specific patterns and frequencies of pulsed pressure waves to guide both body and mind to optimal states.

Synthetic Sleep®

Synthetic Sleep journeys are scientifically designed to guide human physiology into a deep state of rest and restoration akin to deep sleep.


Our patent-pending technology monitors your physiology and algorithmically generates unique patterns of pulsed pressure waves to tune you, in real-time, to your optimal flow state.
Transformation at the touch of a button.


Shiftwave is a breakthrough wellness system that uses intelligent patterns of pulsed-pressure waves to fully reset the nervous system and create a profound psychophysiological experience in as little as 10 minutes at the push of a button.

By getting key systems of the body pumping and working in unison, the benefits extend from the cellular level all the way through a full mindset shift.

  • Stress Alleviation
  • Hyper-restorative
  • Pain / Inflammation
  • Detoxification
  • Muscle Recovery
  • Improved Sleep
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Scientifically Optimize your Mental and Physical State.


Based on billions of data points taken at the Shiftwave Institute, journeys use specific patterns and frequencies of pulsed pressure waves to guide both body and mind to optimal states. Journeys help improve fluid flow, autonomic tone, and neural activity.  By getting blood, lymph and neural signals flowing it improves the body's ability to heal itself by delivering resources where and when they are needed, while clearing toxins and inflammation.

  • Strengthen Immunity
  • Improve Mental Clarity
  • Longevity
  • Optimize Performance
  • Mindfulness
  • Energy
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Industry Leading Outcomes

  • Hyper-restoration


    The World's Most Advanced Wellness Device.

  • Stress  / Anxiety alleviation

    Stress / Anxiety alleviation

    A study at Tulane Medical School showed a 28% reduction in anxiety and 41% reduction in stress in just 15 minutes, accompanied by autonomic and brain network shifts.

  • Sleep


    Synthetic Sleep™ journeys mimic physiologic and neurologic aspects of deep sleep, including enhanced cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) drainage in the glymphatic system.

  • Pain


    Reduce pain without drugs, by both direct effects on the musculoskeletal system and central effects on the brain.

  • Recovery


    Reset muscle tightness after long travel, a challengng workout, injury, or just a long day of sitting. Go from tense to fluid, tight to loose.

  • Power Nap

    Power Nap

    Achieve Non Sleep Deep Rest (NSDR), a specific type of body and brain relaxation associated with enhanced learning and physiological revitalization.

  • Energy


    Before an event, a presentation, or a competition, optimize your performance by shifting into a state of controlled activation.

  • Focus


    By repeatedly stimulating the body with pulsed pressure waves and engaging the salience network of the brain, the dominant brain network activity shifts away from the default mode network, promoting focus, attention, and clarity.

  • Longevity


    Stimulate, align, and synchronize the cardiac, pulmonary, vascular, and nervous systems towards a state of coherent communication and optimal functioning, reversing trends that accompany aging.

  • Meditation


    Rhythmic and powerfully pleasurable vibrations gently induce an easily accessible meditative state.

    “It’s like a developed a ten-year meditation practice in 10-minutes”

  • Resilience


    Stretch and strengthen the autonomic nervous system to expand the zone of tolerance to reduce the impact of outside stressors.

  • Optimize Performance

    Optimize Performance

    Prepare for performance by rebalancing your brain and your physiology into a status of calm but energized, activated but not anxious.

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People Love Shiftwave

100% of customers recommend Shiftwave

"I show up to serve crises, deprioritize myself and my self care. Sitting and surrendering to the Shiftwave removes that. Physically and emotionally after my session, I feel at ease, weightless, calm... ready to to back to the chaos, fresh.”

Aid Worker Ukrainian Border

"I had an awful headache before using Shiftwave and nothing was helping. I was about ready to go home but after using the Shiftwave my headache was gone and I felt relaxed and energized to get back to work."

Nurse, St. John's Hospital Los Angeles

“I am a Vietnam Veteran that carries a 70% disability for injuries and PTSD. This was the most calming experience I have had.”

James Arey, Ph.D. Psychologist
, Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office

“My teacher Shin Zen Young would say the way we teach meditation is like a hammer and someday there would be a scalpel. I think this is the scalpel.”

Dr. Shauna Shapiro
 Tenured Professor, Psychology, 
Santa Clara University

"I did Shiftwave for a week straight and sleep tracking on my Oura before was all red and after it was green/blue."

Divina Balazzo Vegan Balazzo

"Loving it. Been using it to boost energy throughout the day and to calm the nervous system at night."

Cal Callahan

“The Shiftwave is an amazing creation that helps you let go not only physically but also emotionally. It relaxes the body and mind in a way that’s truly transformational.”

Dr. Kristin Neff Associate Professor, University of Texas at Austin

"A groundbreaking innovation, Shiftwave is a powerful game changer in our future understanding in addressing stress-related physical and mental conditions.”

Brannon Wiedemann, M.D. New Orleans, LA

"My average watts of output for each workout (measured by Zwift Software) has increased by 10% since I started using Shiftwave which is a huge improvement. I am also recovering faster from workiouts with less muscle soreness."

Robert Klein, M.D. Retired Functional Medicine Doctor

“I can’t tell you how much that chair helps with my sleep and my pain. It makes a hell of a difference. I just can’t believe what it has done for my shoulder. It’s really unbelievable. It’s an incredible machine.”

Sandy Rouse, age 74 orthopedic patient

"Revolutionary! Just WOW! I me, it takes you to a different space!"

Amalia Morales Shiftwave Lover

"What a wonderful and relaxing experience after being on set all week! Loved it, definitely recommend these for film sets. "

SJ Murray Professor, Baylor University; Award winning film maker

"It's not just a relaxing chair, it allows me to push myself to a deep intentional state where I can recover my thoughts and my sense of being. Instantly relieves the stress and helps prioritize."

Special Forces Operator US Military

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