Fare Forward, Robot Heart Brings Burning Man to Central Park

May 11, 2022slow-wave-0f67 Admin
Fare Forward, Robot Heart Brings Burning Man to Central Park - Shiftwave

31 hours. 180 sessions. Wished I had more Shiftwave chairs!

Robot Heart brings the Burning Man vibe out of the desert to Central Park in New York City. Thousands of people flowing in synch to the same diverse beats, Afrobeat to Jimi Hendrix to their signature Deep House. Another party for the ages, gathering the world’s people for a historic moment. Much as MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) is shepherding the psychedelics renaissance, transforming demonized contraband into near miraculous healing medicine for severe mental health conditions, Robot Heart reimagines and rebirths the rave. Once, raves were seen as a place of indulgent and dangerous drug use and solipsistic hedonism. But now, as we all emerge from the collective trauma of COVID isolation, Fare Forward in Central Park was at its essence, a massive group therapy and healing event. People came together to share their love with one another, to free their bodies of restrictions, to connect consciously, to heal deeply.

This is the heart and soul of a rave reborn. Robot Heart just showcased it on the main stage of the world in Central Park.

Slow Wave at Robot Heart

In retrospect, there was no better place to show up with a Shiftwave, a device deemed no less than “mental health at the push of a button” by our team’s neuropsychiatrist.  I ferried that Shiftwave system from across the country, conceiving it as a nice offering for my friends’ party. In retrospect, I wish I’d brought ten! Setup at the trash fence deck overlooking the party, that one Shiftwave ran continuously… with a constant queue of people. 

The pattern was never ending. A participant would experience the Shiftwave’s deep restoration and emerge with joy and the intense need to share this experience with others.  They would then descend back into the party and drag their friends off of the dance floor to come experience the Shiftwave. Then, those friends would do the same. Repeat.

Is there a better testimonial to Shiftwave than people lining up, stepping away from the best party on the planet to have a completely solitary experience?  Of course, the two are completely complimentary. The Shiftwave’s profound psychosomatic opening enhances the group experience. 

Slow Wave at Robot Heart

It was nonstop during the eight straight hours of administering Shiftwave sessions at the event. Then, both nights, I took Shiftwave to after-parties. Again, there it ran nonstop with the inevitable queue. At each after-party, people rode the Shiftwave to the very last minute until the hosts politely kicked us out!

This outpouring is evidence of just how much people need relief, need a deep reset and rapid release, need Shiftwave. 

Slow Wave at Robot Heart

So what exactly is happening here? Why would people break from an epic party to Shiftwave? 

The true answer is, you just have to experience it. 

The rational answer is that modern life has thrown our psychophysiology out of balance, down to the fundamental level of our nervous system. This manifests as stress and pain.  Shiftwave rapidly and assertively drives the nervous system into balance, restoring equilibrium at the foundational level of human physiology. Such guidance drives the body into a deeply relaxed, pain-free mode and rebalances the mind into a calm and focused status. Imagine going from the tense agitation of being stuck in rush hour traffic to the placid energy of how you feel after a week of vacation, in just ten minutes. That’s Shiftwave.

People that already know Shiftwave, know its power. Three times over the weekend, I had requests for emergency sessions where I let certain Shiftwave power users jump the queue. Due to debilitating pain (physical or mental) they were ready to exit the event entirely. But they, from previous Shiftwave experience, knew that Shiftwave would bring them back to equilibrium. In all three situations, Shiftwave delivered. 

 As I often tell the next person in line, Shiftwave is, at its core, two things. One, it is an uncommonly effective tool to help you live better. I could of course chat with the person on deck about the details of Shiftwave’s deeper health benefits, mention the deep science that went into its development, present data, or relate the amazing stories our users reflect back to us. But as the current user emerges from the Shiftwave and then runs off to share the experience with loved ones, we both watch the Shiftwave demonstrate its second aspect. Shiftwave is a deep gift to your community so that we can all thrive together.